The GoodGame Empire Quick Facts

GoodGame Empire is currently one of the top most popular online games. Since its release on August 2011, it has gained lots of acknowledgements and wards from different bodies. GoodGame Empire is still fascinates many online gamers with its challenging quests and constant updates. From time to time the developers of Goodgame empire release updates about this game to bring on the heat among its gamers.


Herewith are the fast facts about the game. The small things we need to know about it that will definitely be helpful to everyone that plays this game. First fast fact to know is increasing your honor. As lord of the empire, one wishes to be known among the lands as a great ruler. To increase your honor, you need to attack and win battles against other empires. In every empire that you attack, you gain honor. However the amount of honor that you get in each attack depends on the honor of the empire itself. If you attack an empire of lower honor, certainly you’ll get lesser amount of honor if you win the battle. Also, if you’re a beginner and you attack empires with no honor at all, you can still get honor at a lower level. Each of the castle or flag has its name. Maybe beginners think on how to change the name of their castle or flags. Currently there’s no feature in changing the castle or flag name yet, but it’s available when you created the account. By the time you create your account you’ll be prompted to choose your castle name. This will be your castle name and you can’t change it in the entire duration of the game. Foul and negative languages are not allowed to be used as name of your castle. Within this game there are commanders and spies. A lot we’re wondering what these characters are for. The commanders are the ones who commence attacks against other empires. You can have a maximum of 9 commanders in your empire. However you can only get them once you reached level 4. You can then build your headquarters and get an upgrade in the number of your commanders. You should always put in mind that commanders are connected to the number of your sword brothers. For an instance you have 2 sword brothers, with this you get 1 commander. On the other hand, spies are the one who sneaks to other castle and give you reports about its soldiers and resources. You can only recruit spies if you have taverns. You can build the taverns once you reached level 7 and with each tavern you can recruit one spy. The report that these spies send you are called espionage, which can be an economic or military espionage. The economic espionage will give you ideas about the resources and production of the empire while the military espionage reports the numbers of the troops deployed and the tools around the empire. Another thing to know is how to demolish your buildings. Yes, you can demolish the buildings within your empire. However, you can only get this option once you reached level 4 in the game. You can also transfer resources, but only after you’ve built your marketplace. With each marketplace you build, you get 5 market borrows. These burrows can transfer 100 resources.


With these facts you can learn small thing on how to manage and operate your own empire. This can give ideas on how this game works and what are the things to keep in mind. This game is based on how you plan ahead to win the battles. Be quick and clever  and win battles. 


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